Check Here Small Kitchen Extra Storage Ideas Kitchen Gif. We've got ideas for food storage, daily routines, using your wall space, and making the most of interiors. The stainless steel hood and exposed piping pop against the navy walls, while the striped blue fabric.

Kitchen Storage Ideas Hgtv
Kitchen Storage Ideas Hgtv from

I also understand what kitchen envy is like, when you see those kitchen islands and yummy extra space in other people's kitchens. Implementing some of these small kitchen storage ideas doesn't have to be expensive. These seven storage ideas will help.

Instead, add a few baskets and a couple of unique diy projects to expand and maximize the space in your kitchen.

Extra cabinet shelves for storing small dishes and mugs. When space comes at a premium, you can't afford to waste any of it—even the hidden space inside. Well, we've found you some great inspiration here for your small kitchen and storage solutions. Most all of us here at the kitchn have at one point or another dealt with a tiny kitchen that forced us to get creative in how we stored, cooked, and enjoyed our food.


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